visual art


Castlemaine Market Building, Castlemaine & District Continuing Education, Old Plumber's Shop 115 Mostyn Street & the Old Castlemaine Gaol

Friday 27th March - Sunday 5th April 2009, 9am to 5pm

all ages
2009 Castlemaine Visual Arts Biennial
The Art Of Making: Invention & Artisanship
The Castlemaine State Festival has always had a strong commitment to the visual arts. This year our commitment is boosted by the inaugural 2009 Castlemaine Visual Arts Biennial. Castlemaine has a long and rich history of ingenuity and fine craftsmanship. The region has a high number of resident artists and artisans who are regarded as leaders in their fields. Today, more than ever, we feel that the future is in our hands, and as a hub for hands on creativity, Castlemaine is a perfect site for forging new and revived ways of engaging meaningfully with the world. In recognition and celebration, the theme for the 2009 Biennial is The Art of Making: invention and artisanship. The Biennial curatorial team: Dr Chris McAuliffe, Kevin Murray, Julie Millowick and Visual Arts Coordinator Zoe Amor, engaged in a rigorous selection process. The 45 artists participating in the Biennial are selected local artists who applied to participate and a smaller number of invited artists from outside the region - all participating artists are Victorian. Building on the reputation of the Festival’s longstanding visual arts prizes (Dominique Segan Drawing Prize, Julie Millowick Photographic Prize and Ann Geroe Ceramics Prize), a number of prizes (not associated with specific media) will be awarded in 2009. Castlemaine’s iconic Market Building will show 3-dimensional works, 2-dimensional works will be shown at the Continuing Education building, and public art installations will be located throughout Castlemaine.